Active Shooter Training for Event Venues

Events like sporting events, concerts, festivals, and seminars can involve hundreds or even thousands of attendees. Unfortunately, numerous events have been the target of mass shooters over the last several years. AVERT (Active Violence and Emergency Response Training) programs with Prime Defense Training are created to make sure venue staff know how to respond in the event of an active shooter situation. We are a leading training facility for firearms and active shooter training for events focused on preparing people on how to react and save lives. 

Have a Plan During Events with Active Shooter Training

The more prepared employees are at your event venue, the better the chance of a less detrimental outcome. Prime Defense Training helps your team create an emergency preparedness plan, so they know what to do if a suspicious person is spotted or an active shooting situation erupts. During the AVERT training, participants will be exposed to real-life simulations. Once training is complete, your venue’s team members will know how to: 

  • Identify subjects of suspicion or individuals that could be a threat 
  • Help people at the venue reach safety when a mass shooting event takes place 
  • Learn how to decide whether to evade, take down, or escape the shooter 
  • How to create safe points using barricades in certain areas of the venue 

Prepare Event Staff for Emergencies

Our active shooter training programs are highly valuable for your event staff. Security guards, event coordinators, and others will learn how to respond when there is a shooter at either an indoor or outdoor location. The valuable training helps protect the staff that works at the venue, as well as any public visitors in the vicinity. 

Provide Lifesaving Care with Emergency First Aid

In an emergency situation, when injured people are involved, a few seconds of faster intervention can mean saved lives. During AVERT firearms training with Prime Defense, your event venue team will be trained on the fundamentals of emergency first aid, so they can intervene when minutes matter the most. Your staff members will be shown how to handle situations like uncontrolled bleeding and gunshot wounds to ensure injured parties are as stable as possible until help arrives. With more people in the vicinity who know how to react, this can mean a lot of lives are spared. 

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