Active Shooter Training for Schools

Preparedness for the worst-case scenario in a school setting is vital, no matter the threat. However, preparedness in the event of an active shooter can mean lives are saved. Unfortunately, school shooting events have grown increasingly common.

Prime Defense Training is a leading firearms training facility. We offer School AVERT (School Active Violence Emergency Response Training) to help school personnel prepare in the event of an active shooter situation.

Plan for Classroom Attacks

A plan for an active shooting event has grown to become a critical objective for all school systems. School active violence emergency response training involves creating an emergency preparedness plan in the event of an active shooter. Having a plan in place means:

  • Knowing when to escape, evade, or attack
  • Knowing how to get staff and students to safety as fast as possible
  • Knowing how to create a barricade between students and a shooter
  • Knowing how to stop a shooter with force if necessary

The training with Prime Defense utilizes real-life simulations and techniques recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Live simulations help you better understand how a shooter situation may carry out in real life, which helps staff prepare and know how to react.

Prepare Teachers and Staff for Emergencie

All school staff have a duty to protect the students on the premises, especially in emergency situations. An active shooter training program focuses on preparing teachers, custodians, administrators, and other school personnel to respond and protect students during an active shooter situation. The AVERT training program for schools helps staff members anticipate risks and dangers, and then react and take action to keep students as safe as possible. Some schools may even choose to take part in firearms training or obtain CPL licenses for individuals responsible for school security.

Save Student’s Lives with Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid goes beyond standard first aid fundamentals. Emergency first aid arms the school’s staff members with the knowledge of what to do in emergency situations when the injuries can be much more severe. After a shooting occurs, the injuries sustained can be life-threatening. Staff members that know how to handle a gunshot wound, control bleeding, and intervene with life-saving measures have the capacity to save a lot of lives by helping until emergency responders arrive.

Find Out More About AVERT Firearms Training and Active Shooter Training for Schools

It is an unfortunate reality—our children are facing the most unexpected risks in a place where they should be incredibly safe. The responsibility of negating these risks falls on the teachers and staff members at educational facilities. School active violence emergency response training is a major step in the right direction. Reach out to Prime Defense Firearms Training to find out more about our training courses or book your course today.

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