Active Shooter Training for the Workplace

Prime Defense Training is a leading firearms training facility that offers Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) programs. We work hard to help business owners make sure their team is prepared for active shooter scenarios in their workplaces. Around 76% of violent incidents like active shooters or mass shooting situations occur in business settings. And no business is immune to these modern-day threats or the potential for acts of violence. All organizations must strive to be prepared and know how to respond, which makes active shooter training for the workplace critical. 

Train Your Team to React to Life-Threatening Situations

Prime Defense Training will work with you and your team to create an emergency preparedness plan in the event an active shooter event ever takes place in your workplace. Our active shooter training program involves real-life simulations to give insight into how things can play out during these events. When a violent situation occurs, every second passed can mean more danger for everyone involved. Your team will walk away with a greater understanding of how to react as soon as the danger is perceived to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

Prepare your Employees for Workplace Violence

Whether your business is a small organization, large corporation, or simply an office, AVERT firearms training ensures your staff knows how to respond to workplace violence. Regardless of the size of the workplace, each team member can be a tool for adequate protection. When the full team has awareness in the event of a violent situation, this can be the key to mitigating as much risk and damage as possible. Staff members will learn how to: 

  • Recognize warning signs of impending danger 
  • Make decisions about whether to attack, evade, or escape 
  • Create safety barriers between a shooter and members of the team 
  • Respond quickly during a life-threatening emergency 

Save Lives by Learning How To Stop The Bleed

Any time active violence occurs in the workplace, the situation can evolve into a dangerous event for individuals who have been injured. Uncontrolled bleeding due to a gunshot wound can easily be life-threatening. Injuries can quickly become critical when steps are not taken to intervene. Active shooter training for businesses includes the basics of emergency first aid for the members of your team. Time is critical, so when your team members know how to intervene and respond appropriately with life-saving measures, lives can be saved. 

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