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AVERT – Active Shooter Training

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What is AVERT – Active Violence Emergency Response Training!

Be Prepared and Save Lives in an Emergency

No one wants to believe they will ever be present during an active shooting. However, mass shooting events involving a violent attacker have grown more common over the last few years.

Prime Defense Training is a leading firearm training facility, ensuring individuals are well-prepared in the event aggressive action must be taken in a number of scenarios. Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) gives you the skills needed to be prepared and save others during an active shooter situation. Our AVERT Training programs help individuals prepare themselves to react during a critical violent incident.

Learn How to React to an Active Shooter

AVERT Training is all about getting prepared for realistic circumstances involving an active shooter. In violent situations, every last second counts. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, most active shooter events are over within 10 or 15 minutes. Our AVERT training brings together the full list of necessary skill sets to ensure the best possible outcome in these life-threatening situations.

Situational Awareness

During AVERT Training, one of the first things covered is situational awareness. Recognizing the signs of danger early can potentially save a lot of lives. Remember, most active shooter events happen quickly, and there may be no predictable method or pattern to the shooter’s actions. Therefore, the faster danger is perceived, the quicker individuals can mentally and physically prepare for protection. Situational awareness training may involve:

  • Recognizing signs of potential danger in your environment
  • Recognizing suspicious persons in the vicinity
  • Noting the nearest accessible exits
  • Determining which rooms with closable doors could offer protection
  • Understanding the most obvious risks in a potential situation

Emergency First Aid

It may take time before emergency services arrive after a violent event. Therefore, people in the vicinity who know how to offer emergency first aid can play vital roles in saving those who have been injured. In AVERT Training, you will learn about important actions, such as controlling bleeding in an emergency situation and offering essential first aid to aid those who may have sustained a gunshot wound.

Action Plan Development

Every group should have an active plan in place, so everyone knows what to do during an active shooter situation. Creating a plan means everyone in the group knows how to react, get to safety, and decide whether to escape the shooter, try to evade the shooter, or step in to take down the shooter. Action plan development lays out pertinent escape routes and ensures mechanisms are in place for protection.

AVERT Training – Enhancing Safety in a Variety of Organizations and Facilities

  • AVERT Training is valuable for groups in a number of settings, including:
  • Churches and places of worship – Synagogues, temples, mosques, churches, etc.
  • Schools – Colleges, training centers, and universities
  • Events venues – Concert halls, theaters, sports arenas, etc.
  • Workplaces – Corporate office buildings, factories, warehouses, and more
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, nursing homes, medical organizations
  • Retail – Large and small retail establishments
  • Government/community agencies – Community service centers, political agencies, non-profit organizations, and more
Combine AVERT with CPR & First Aid and SAVE!!


HSI First Aid | CPR AED reflects the latest resuscitation science and treatment recommendations published by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), and it conforms with the 2020 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC and the annual Guidelines Update


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