Firearm Products & Legal Coverage

The Prime Defense Firearms Training LLC. instructors use and endorse the products listed on this page. Click on any of the links below for more information or to purchase these products and take advantage of our discounts and savings!! 


Relentless Tactical– A high quality gun belt, and holster are vital to concealed carry! If you are in the market for a new holster or a gun belt then check out Relentless Tactical. Their products are all made in Michigan. To take advantage of our savings, enter PRIMEDEFENSE at checkout and receive 10% off of your order 


Mantis Dry and Live Fire Training System
 – The Mantis smart sensor continuously tracks the movement of the firearm before, during, and after every shot. The MantisX smartphone app analyzes behavior, gives feedback and provides coaching to improve shooting accuracy and make sure that every shot counts! The mantisX works on any firearm that has an accessory rail, and will work with live, or dry fire. This is the perfect training tool to improve shooting.

 FAK by MyMedic is the best First Aid Kit for shooting on the planet. Whether you’re on the range, hunting or deployed, accidents happen. The experts at MyMedic have designed this kit by using range injury data, field testing with Firearms Professionals and advisors from the professional medical community to protect you from any range mishap from minor to catastrophic. 


 First Aid Kits for firearms from My Medic

USCCA – Prime Defense Training is a proud USCCA Official Partner and we encourage every gun owner to take advantage of the amazing resources USCCA membership offers. Click the link below to get their FREE Concealed Carry Guide for more life-saving knowledge


POM OC Spray (Pepper Spray)
Is a perfect non lethal self defense option for those pistol free zones! Protect the ones you love with our sleek, safe and easy-to-use designed pepper spray. Strongest formula legal in all 50 states, 10 seconds of spray, and 10 foot impact range. If you are interested in purchasing a POM, we carry them at the Prime Defense Firearms Training office. Drop us an email or give us a call to purchase yours TODAY

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