Chesterfield Township Firearms Training

For those experienced with firearms and those with a new interest in guns and gun safety, Prime Defense Training is the perfect place to learn how to handle these weapons properly. Beyond merely teaching individuals how to shoot a gun, Prime Defense Training offers comprehensive firearms training courses near Chesterfield Township, Michigan, where gun enthusiasts can learn emergency preparedness, first aid, and gun safety.

Beginner-Friendly Michigan CPL Classes

Our firearms classes are beginner-friendly, though they are fully compatible with advanced firearms enthusiasts as our CPL Course Instructors carefully design the classes to be adaptable to the level of knowledge and comfort of the participants.

Learn from Passionate Firearms Instructors

When taking a firearms course at Prime Defense Training, you will be led though in-class and hands-on training, so you can use a firearm and be confident in your skills. It’s our goal in every one of our firearms training programs to ensure every participant feels comfortable handling a firearm and is educated on the safety of carrying a concealed weapon.

Available Firearms Classes Near Chesterfield Township

Prime Defense offers top-quality firearms training courses near Chesterfield Township, with our most popular courses including: 


The course offers eight hours of firearms training, conflict avoidance, situational awareness, home defense plus security, and more.

CPL Renewal Course

This class is three hours of refreshing previous firearms training, including information about self-defense and the law, basic firearm safety, firearm fundamentals, and more.

Emergency first aid is a five-hour training course that teaches participants through real-life scenarios, covering patient assessment, traumatic and gun-related injuries, arterial bleeding, building a first aid kit, and more.

The introductory handgun cleaning course includes lessons on how to clean your gun, field-stripping your handgun, and more to ensure your handgun is operating as it should.

Quality Firearms Training Courses Near Chesterfield Township

Proper gun handling is a valuable skill. When taking a firearms course, one thing to remember is that firearms training means practice, and with many of our courses, you will have the opportunity to practice your learned skills with a passionate firearms instructor.

For more information about course offerings near Chesterfield Township, get in touch with the team of specialized instructors at Prime Defense today, or explore our course offerings.

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