Active Shooter Training for Government Facilities

Unfortunately, attacks on government agencies and facilities have grown increasingly common over the last decade. AVERT (Active Violence and Emergency Response Training) programs are explicitly designed to ensure individuals are prepared in the event of an active shooting event. When a violent individual enters a government facility armed, every minute and every level of response from staff members can make a huge difference in the outcome. Prime Defense Training provides active shooter training for government facilities and AVERT firearms training to get your facility employees prepared. 

Training Our Government to React to Life-Threatening Situations

Community agencies and government facilities need an emergency preparedness plan in place in the event there is an attempted mass shooting event. With the help of Prime Defense Training’s active shooter training program, professionals within these facilities learn how to respond and react to ensure as many lives are saved as possible. During the training, real-life simulations take participants on a learning journey, so they are familiar enough to know how to: 

  • Determine when evasion, attack, or escaping is best 
  • How to get people in the building to a safe or secure location 
  • How to create barricades to prevent a shooter from entering certain rooms or areas 
  • How to identify a suspicious subject that could potentially pose a threat 

Be Prepared to Protect Your Community Against Violence

The more trained government facility staff members are in terms of active shooter training for government facilities, the more protected the communities that these organizations serve. Many government agencies and facilities are frequented daily by members of the surrounding community. With knowledge in place on how to react and respond in the event an armed shooter enters the building, the less grave the outcome can be for both employees and community members. Staff members can effectively intervene to get community members to safety and separated from the shooter. 

Learn Lifesaving First-Aid to Stop the Bleed

Active shooter events can lead to a high number of injured people in the facility. During active shooter training for government agency employees, the staff will be trained on the essentials of emergency first aid. From gunshot wounds to uncontrollable bleeding, participants who take part will get to know things like how to create tourniquets and how to perform basic interventions that could save many lives until emergency services arrive. 

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