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Prime Defense Training is committed to educating individuals on the safe operating and storing of handguns. This 4 Hour Basic Handgun I & II Course provides great handgun training for beginners that want to learn about firearm safety, selecting a handgun, safe handling and shooting techniques!

With our team of dedicated firearms instructors, we offer firearms classes that have both in-class and practical gun training, designed to teach and inspire those with an interest or passion for safe gun handling. During this class, individuals will start with the basics of handguns and firearms in the classroom before we finish class on the live fire range.

Foundations of Firearms Training for Beginners

Whether you’re looking to become a skilled shooter, or have a growing interest in firearms, this firearms training program is a great first-step into the world of gun ownership. During this 4-hour course, individuals will learn the foundational skills that will prepare them for handling and storing a firearm safely.

This Firearms Training For Beginners Class Covers:

  • Types of handguns
  • How to select a handgun
  • Types of ammunition
  • Loading and unloading a handgun
  • Basic care and maintenance and more
  • The four universal safety rules
  • Self Defense Firearm Basics
  • Building a proper grip & stance
  • Trigger Control & MORE!

What to Bring to This Beginner Handgun Class

  • Pen & Notebook
  • Firearm
  • Eye & Ear Protection

The Importance of Firearms Training and Safety

In addition to learning the basics of handling and properly operating a handgun, our firearms training course will increase and improve secondary skills, such as:


Gun Accuracy

With regular training, individuals can expect to have improved accuracy when handling a handgun, therefore, operate a firearm more safely.


Improved Confidence with Handling a Firearm

As with learning any new skill or improving upon an existing one, individuals will leave this firearms training course more confident with their gun handling.


Increase Tactical Thinking

When using a firearm, the skills required go beyond simple target practice. As a responsible gun owner or operator, participants in this beginner handgun class will learn critical thinking including knowing when to fire or refrain. Knowledge in this area is critical for operating a handgun safely, as well as for those interested in obtaining their Michigan CPL. Learn more about the USCCA.


Basic Handgun Training Course Notes

  1. No firearms allowed in classroom
  2. Cancellations less than 48 hours before start of the class will not be refunded
  3. Due to Covid-19 hearing and eye protection will not be loaned by the range
  4. Ammunition and Firearm Rental are NOT Included
  5. Class will be held at the below address

Prime Defense Firearms Training LLC


51261 Milano Dr.
Macomb, MI 48042

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Aug 22nd, Aug 30th


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